Wedding Potpourri (An excerpt from Lavender Sensations)


During the early 1700’s, “floriography” (the language of flowers) was introduced in England, which started the popular Victorian trend of sending messages by flowers and herbs. You can use floriography to make wedding potpourri. Simply mix the herbs or flowers that express your wishes for the bridal couple and their future together. Give each guest a small bag of the potpourri to toss over the bride and groom as they leave the celebration.

To make the potpourri, blend together the following ingredients:

1 cup dried lavender buds (devotion)
1-1/2 cups dried rose petals (love)
1 cup dried chamomile flowers (patience)
1/2 cup dried rosemary leaves (remembrance)
1/2 cup dried marjoram leaves (joy)
1/2 cup dried sage leaves (wisdom)

Fill 3” X 4” organza drawstring bags with a rounded tablespoon of the mixture. Or place a rounded tablespoon of the potpourri into the center of a 9” tulle circle and tie closed with satin ribbon. Recipe makes about 50 guest bags.

Arrange the bags in a pretty basket with a sign that says: This wedding potpourri contains lavender for devotion, rosemary for remembrance, marjoram for joy, sage for wisdom, roses for love and chamomile for patience.

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